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Why It Costs So Much To Start A Winery And What Water Has To Do With It

by Alexa Valeska 1 min read 1 Comment

Welcome to 60 Second Somm where I try to teach you everything I know about wine in 60 Seconds or Less.

Today we are mixing it up, we are out of the studio and visiting a winery here in Lodi, California.

I shot this video to share a few fun facts about grape farming.

Did you know, when you plant a vineyard it takes three years for the vineyard to produce grapes? That is why the wine business is so expensive to get into, who has the money to sit and wait for three years to make money.

If you have never seen grapes when they are little babies, you can see how cute they are in this video.

Finally, the video talks about the black hoses that you see running under the vines. Irrigation is a very important part of grape farming. In California, they have to irrigate because it is so hot and dry for so many months.

But what is important to know is that you only want to use a little bit of water. The farther the roots of the vine have to dig down to find water, the better the quality of wine you will get. Lower the yield, better the quality.

Brett Bayda
Chief Wine Hunter/60 Second Somm
Drinjk Wines

Alexa Valeska
Alexa Valeska

1 Response

Weston Davis
Weston Davis

Ekim 22, 2019

Very cool. You gave me some additional context on the grapes that grew at my old home.

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