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Shipping, Returns and Refund Policies

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Shipping, Returns and Refund Policies

Shipping Policy

To make it easier for you to receive your wine quicker, Drinjk.com has warehouse locations across the USA to reduce shipping times to our customers.

We do our best to fulfill all orders 24 hours after receiving payment, except for Saturday and Sundays.

Shipping times will vary between states and calendar months, however, our team does it’s best to reduce shipping times down to 1-3 days.

We pass on approximately a 70% discounted shipping rate to our customers that ship their wine to their nearest FedEx location. We highly recommend our customers use our FedEx shipping locations tool and find a FedEx location nearest to their home address.

The advantages of shipping to your nearest FedEx location are reduced shipping costs, no risks of missing the delivery, and the wine won’t ride around in a FedEx truck for several hours while FedEx makes their daily residential deliveries.

An adult signature and ID will be required at time of delivery. We recommend shipping to your nearest FedEx location to prevent missing your wine or not having someone at home that can sign for the wine.

If you choose to have your wine shipped to a residential address, FedEx will make 1-3 attempts to deliver your wine. We are not responsible for any wine products that are not delivered and are returned back to the sender, if the person receiving the wine is unavailable or not at home. Within 24 hours of purchase, a tracking number will be send via email to track the journey of the package. We recommend to use the text message option in addition in order to track the package and to reduce the risk of having the package sent back to us. We strongly recommend that the wine is shipped to the nearest FedEx location to prevent the issue of the wine being returned back to Drinjk Wines.

Our Wine Advent Calendars can be pre-ordered between September 1st and November 1st 2020. The Wine Advent Calendars will start shipping between October 15th and October 31st 2020.

Our Wine Memberships will be shipped every 30 days within 5 days of your anniversary purchase date. Ex- If you purchased January 15th, your first Wine Memberships month’s wine will ship January 17th. Your second month of wine from your Wine Membership will ship between February 15th-Feburary 20th.

If you are ordering wine in the summer or winter months, please carefully read the Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

Although we do our best to offer an incredible shopping experience to our customers, is does come with limitations that we cannot control. Wine is a perishable food item that can have its flavor profiles altered by extreme shifts in temperature. Hot, dry summer heat and frigid freezing temperatures can affect the taste of the wine. Because we cannot control mother nature or how the wine is handled once it leaves our warehouse, our 100% refund or exchange policy will not be in effect from June 1st to September 15th. In addition, the 100% refund or exchange policy will not be in effect for any states other than CA, NV, OR, WA, and AZ from November 1st to March 1st. Although, the refund and exchange policy is suspended between the above mentioned dates, there is less than a 1% chance that your wine will be affected during shipping due to extreme weather conditions. If you would like further clarification, our team of wine concierges are very fast to respond via our live chat feature or email at hello@drinjk.com.

Return and Cancellation Policy

We understand that circumstances can arise and that products often need to be cancelled or returned. If you make a purchase at drinjk.com you have four hours from the time you place the order to cancel. After the four hours your order will be processed, picked and in the cue to ship. It is impossible for our team to stop a shipment once the order is processed. After the allocated four-hour grace period your order will not qualify to be exchanged or returned. Please make sure you are confident in your purchasing decision prior to placing your order. If you would like further clarification, our team of wine concierges are very fast to respond via our live chat feature or email at hello@drinjk.com.

Damaged Product Policy

Our packaging has went through rigour testing and has passed all FedEx’s packaging guidelines. If your package arrives damaged, please take a picture of the damaged outside box and the damaged wine on the inside of the box. Please email these images to hello@drinjk.com and our Wine Concierge team will process a replacement or refund.

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