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How To Pair Wine With Your Next Slice Of Pizza

por Alexa Valeska 1 min read

Welcome to 60 Second Somm where I teach you everything I know about wine in 60 seconds or less. 

Like everyone else, today I couldn't help but purchase a slice of pizza from Costco. While enjoying my pizza I thought "my followers probably would like to know how to pair wine with pizza" (cue lightbulb).

Generally, there are two rules of thumb when pairing wine and food together. If the food is high in acidity, you want a wine that is equally as high in acidity. If you are buying a pizza that is lighter (not a lot of heavy meats or cheeses), you could go with a white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc that is high in acidity.

If your pizza has meat on it, I would bump up to a glass of red wine. A Chianti would be a great red wine, but remember the word "Chianti" is the name of the Italian appellation, not the grape varietal. The main grape varietal in Chianti is actually Sangiovese.

You could also pair a meat-lovers pizza a tempranillo wine, or Pinot Noir. Just remember, the wine has to be high in acidity.

Today, I am going to pair my pizza with our Drinjk Wines Sangiovese from the Montepulciano region. This wine is special because it is made by the same winemaker that makes the wine for the Pope.

Brett Bayda
Chief Wine Hunter/60 Second Somm
Drinjk Wines

Alexa Valeska
Alexa Valeska

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