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Drinjk's Luxury Wine Advent Calendar

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Introducing, the world’s first designer single-serve Wine Advent Calendar. Each day in December, leading up to Christmas Day, open a different door to discover a new wine from one of seven featured countries. 

Taste award-winning wines from Portugal.  Sip on famous Blue Chardonnay from Spain.  Try a wine made by the same winemaker who makes the wine for the Pope. It will be like Christmas every day.

All this for only a little bit more than $4 a bottle.  Wayyyy cheaper than any restaurant and delivered right to your door!

Plus, each wine comes with a tasting card and food pairing recommendation.  It's going to be the best Christmas ever.  Like e-v-e-r!

Share The Experience

Want to experience the Wine Advent Calendar with someone?  No problem!  There is enough in every single luxury bottle to share or better yet, get them to purchase one and turn it into a party!  Put on your favorite sweaters, sit back and taste exclusive wines from around the world by the glass. 


Wine Advent Calendar Highlights:

  • Each Wine Advent Calendar comes with 24 of Drinjk's patented glass wine bottles. 
  • Want an easy way to experience and learn about new wines? Discover unique, hard-to-find wines that you have never tried before.  
  • Each Drinjk wine bottle is conveniently sized to allow you to enjoy a generous portion size of each wine.  
  • All the wines are made by small to medium-sized, family-run wineries and are exclusive to Drinjk Wines.  You can't experience these wines anywhere else in the USA.
  • Wine while making a difference.  Each Wine Advent Calendar purchase goes directly towards employing young adults with Autism. 

The Wine Advent Calendar Features Wines From 7 Different Countries: 

  • Red 14 Red Wines White 8 White Wine Blue 1 Blue Wine Rose 1 Rose Wine


    You Will Receive Wines From The Following Featured Countries:

    FranceFrance ItalyItalyTurkeyTurkeyCanadaCanadaUSAThe USA spainSpain portugalPortugal

    Additional Information:

    • The Wine Advent Calendars will ship within 72 hours of placing your orders.  
    • The wines all range in quality up to $75 a bottle in restaurants.
    • There are extremely limited quantities available.  We encourage you don't wait to place your order.  
    Countdown to Christmas with 24 handcrafted, single-serve wines for only $99. 

    * No limit on how many you can purchase. Purchase separately for multiple addresses. We do not ship to PO boxes.  We do not recommend shipping to areas below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

    *After purchasing, you will be assigned a dedicated wine concierge to help you with any questions you may have. 


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