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XY Castilla 2017

  • 50% Sauvignon Blanc 50%  Chardonnay

    Sweetness - Low
    Acidity – Medium
    Tannin - Low
    Body – Full
    Alcohol – Medium

  • An interesting blend choice of two grape varieties that are traditionally found as single varietal wines.  They often are not blended, even though they originate from the same region of France, due to the fact they both produce very different styles of wine – Chardonnay is rich, round and buttery, while Sauvignon Blanc is more fresh, aromatic and zingy. 

    The secret to making this the perfect blend is in the maceration and oak barrel aging.  Maceration is when the winemaker lets the skins of the grape come in contact with the juice.  This particular white wine saw four months of oak aging.  

  • Smoked Salmon, Avocado Sushi, Ceviche, Charcutiers boards, and Soccer Mom Parties. 

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