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Joey North 2017

  • 100% Pinot Blanc

    Sweetness - Low
    Acidity – High
    Tannin – Low
    Body – Light
    Alcohol – Medium

  • If you aren’t familiar with Pinot Blanc, it is a very similar grape varietal to Pinot Grigio.   Both wines have a lot of acidities.  How do you know if the wine has high acidity?  It will make the side of your tongue salivate. 

    Take a drink of our Joey Blanc and close your eyes.  Do you feel your mouth watering?

    Wines high in acidity are perfect to pair with high acidity foods.  The acidity in food neutralizes the acidity in wine and vice versa.  The two acidities work together to release the subtle flavors in the food and wine.  

  • Lemon Zest Salad Dressings, Tilapia, Oysters, Row Boats and Camping. 

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