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Fassati 2015

  • Grape Varietal Blend 80% Sangiovese 20% Merlot

    Sweetness - Low
    Acidity - High
    Tannin - High
    Body – Medium-High
    Alcohol – Medium-High

  • Our Fassati wine is incredibly unique because it’s made by the same winemaker that makes the wine for the Pope.   The actual wine made for the Pope is a dessert wine aged for 30 years in tiny little wooden casks.  The winery only bottles one thousand bottles a year for the Pope to use at mass.   

    Fassati winery is located in the Montelpuciano region which is also known as the ‘Heart of Tuscany.’  Many compare the Montelpuciano region to Napa Valley.  Sip and Savor are proud to be the only company in the United States to offer this experience to its wine followers.

  • Roasted Meats, Cured Sausages, Hard Cheeses, Fireplaces, and History Novels

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