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Why do I need to pick up the package?

Due to alcoholic beverages requiring the minimum age of 21, we want to make sure you are of legal age and have a valid ID. An additional benefit is we get to meet our collaborators in person and build a stronger rapport with you!

How Many Pictures Do I take?

You can send us several photos, different looks, different scenes etc. It is totally up to you. The benefit to submitting multiple photos is that we can feature more shots on our social media

Where Do I take the photos? What type of scenery?

Here are some lifestyle inspiration ideas

1. Spring cleaning

2. Picnic with Spring flowers

3. Hanging out or socializing on patio or backyard

4. Doing any hobby activity in the house or yard (playing an instrument, cooking, bathing, reading a book, listening to music, watching Netflix, playing with pets, etc.).

5. Doing a virtual wine tasting with a friend.

What type of content do I post on Instagram?

At minimum we want at least 1 photo of you with the product clearly visible in the post. We will post the ones we like on our social media. Additionally, you can create a story and tag us #drinjkwines. You can also create a video and review our product.

What is your Website and Instagram account?

You can find us at http://drinjkwine.com and Instagram: @drinjkwines

You can view our instagram for additional ideas on how to create your photos!




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