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Doluca White 2016

  • 70% Sultaniye 30% Emir

    Sweetness - Low
    Acidity – Medium-High
    Tannin - Low
    Body – Light
    Alcohol – Medium

  • In 1926, Nihat A. Kutman established a small winery in Galata, Istanbul, called Maison Vinicole.  Years to follow the name changed to DOLUCA. Believing in the need to improve the quality of his wines, Nihat A. Kutman, visiting and studied in Europe. 

    On his return home, he brought back knowledge and European grape varieties to be planted alongside the indigenousness varietals of Turkey.  In the early 1940′s, when wines made from these new varieties were introduced into the market, under the name of DOLUCA; they were met with great success. 

    Doluca was now able to produce award-winning wines from traditional grapes as well the more popular varietals of Cabernet and Merlot.   Doluca is one of the most respected wineries in the country.  

  • Sea Bass, Sardines, Diced Lamb, Salty Cheeses, Long Distant Calling, and Nightcaps. 

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