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Château d’Caveau 2017

  • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon   

    Sweetness - Low 
    Acidity  Medium 
    Tannin  Medium 
    Body  Medium 
    Alcohol – Medium

  • We all know that in France, wine is a very serious business. But how serious?  The country has the strictest wine laws in the world. These laws indicate the amounts of grapes that can be grown per acre, the winemaking techniques and which varietals can be blended.  

    These rules make it difficult for winemakers to do anything so-called ‘out of the box.’  Until, Robert Skalli, of Skalli wines, helped shape Southern France into a region where winemakers were allowed to experiment and be more expressive.   Skalli wines was the creator of the Château d'Caveau in your glass.

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