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Bon Voyage 2017

  • 70% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Syrah

    Sweetness - Low
    Acidity – Medium
    Tannin – Medium-High
    Body – Medium-High
    Alcohol – Medium

  • Is French wine the best in the world?  France held this title for thousands of years, but in recent history, many countries have started to make their mark on history.

    It all started in the United States in the seventies.  One of our favorite movies named “Bottle Shock” does a great job telling the story of how Napa Valley rose to greatness.   We don’t want to ruin the movie, but the short of it is a French Wine Connoisseur visited the valley and found that the region makes exceptional wines.   This Connoisseur took the wine back to France and paired it against French wine.  What happened next altered the course of history in the United States.   We highly recommend this movie to learn about how France directly impacted the rise of the United States wine culture.

  • Venison Burger, Lasagna-Stuffed Squash, Pedal Bikes, and Wine Trails

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