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About Drinjk Wines

About Drinjk Wines
By Sip and Savor

Small is the new cool! Well we think so anyway!  If you are like us, we are lucky to have an hour to relax before bed each night.  We don't have time to open a full-sized bottle of wine.  Our guess is your life is as crazy busy as ours!  That is why our team at Drinjk designed the world's first 6.3 ounce glass wine bottle of its kind.  Now wine lovers can #drinjkless but #drinjkbetter.  

What makes Drinjk so different?

  • We love wine, but we also love staying active!  That is why we are big believers in drinking less, but drinking better. 
  • We love to learn about wine!  We think the more you know the better the wine tastes.  That is why we put a huge emphasis on wine education. 
  • We like saving money.  Busy people can't always finish a full-sized bottle of wine and the truth is that wine will be semi-oxidized the next day.  Why pay for the entire bottle if you only can drink 1-2 glasses? 
  • We are slowly becoming one of the largest employees of young adults with Autism in Northern California.  We believe that all people should be treated equally; that is why, with your help, we plan to keep growing our team with young adults with ASL. 

If you agree with any of the points above, start shopping and try us out!  We would love the support as we do our best to disrupt the wine market and make it more convenient for people to enjoy wines by the glass.  

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