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Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL Questions

Da’bomb. Just kidding! Drinjk EEZY is a new healthier, more convenient way to have a glass of quality wine without having to always open a full-sized bottle.  The world has changed and so should the way we consume wine.

The glass bottles are approx. 9 inches tall.  Each Drinjk EEZY single-serve wine bottle is a generous portion size for one or the perfect tasting size for two.  Our more environmentally-friendly glass bottles hold the equivalent of 6.3 ounces of wine, which is 1.5 ounces more than a standard restaurant size glass of wine.

Yes.  As opposed to plastic or aluminum, glass is one of the most environmentally-friendly options for beverage containers. Glass containers also do a far better job of protecting the integrity and purity of the wine. Aluminum cans are often coated with a thin layer of plastic chemical to prevent the wine inside from absorbing their metal flavors.

Our team of wine hunters travel the world looking for quality wine that has an interesting taste profile that will be new and exciting to our consumer's palates. We work with the winery to create exclusive, limited-edition wines that you can’t purchase anywhere else in the world.  We then have the wine shipped to us in large vats before bottling at our licensed and bonded winery in California.

The wine industry has become overly complicated for the average wine consumer.  We believe that the wine industry is like art.  Some wine you love.  Some wine you don’t understand.  But most wine you can appreciate. 

This is our philosophy in everything we do.  We are constantly pushing industry boundaries and reinventing the way consumers shop, learn about, and consume wine.

The J is our symbolic way of saying we are different, and we are damn proud of it. 

Our team loves and sends positive vibes to any company that packages wine by the glass; however, our company does have many key differences. 

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- CO Colorado
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While we carefully hand-select each wine, we understand that everyone has a unique palate. We’re happy to issue a refund or credit for the full value of any wine you receive that doesn’t meet your expectations. For full details of our refund policy click here

Yes. All our products are one-time purchases except for our Monthly Wine Membership.

Awww, someone is going to be one happy wine lover! During the checkout process, you will be asked if your purchase is a gift. If you select “yes,” you will be asked if you’d like to include a gift message that will be automatically sent to the gift recipient.

Our brand-new wine membership is set to launch on November 1st and will be different than any other wine membership on the market! Starting Dec 1st, wine members will receive four full-sized bottles of wine from that month’s featured country. Our first six featured countries will be Spain, the United States, France, Portugal, Italy, and Chile.

If you are looking at placing an order for 10+ boxes, please reach out to our customer service team at [contact_us_email]. You can also use the “contact us” tab on the home page.


We strongly suggest that you ship to your nearest FedEx location or business address. FedEx has convenient pick-up locations within a few miles of most US residents. The advantages of shipping to a FedEx location or business address include saving $3 on shipping, reducing the risk of missing your package (each delivery does require an adult signature), and lessening your wine’s exposure to outside temperatures due to shorter travel times.

Drinjk currently ships only within the USA. States we currently DO NOT ship to include: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, IL, KY, MI, MS, ND, OK, RI, SD, UT.

We provide our customers with a shipping savings of approximately 70% by offering a convenient $5.99 flat-fee shipping rate on all Drinjk EEZY Wine 6-Packs and Biggy Full Bottle 4-Packs delivered to your nearest FedEx location or business address.
If you prefer to have your order delivered to a residential address, we help you save with $9.99 flat-fee shipping. Exceptions include The Drinjk Holiday Wine Advent Calendar, which ships at a $9.99 flat-fee to both residential and FedEx locations. Flat fee shipping starts at $9.99 for Drinjk EEZY 6-Packs and Biggy Wine 4-Packs in multiple boxes that ship to the same address.

Shipping will vary from state to state but we do our best to get all our orders out for delivery within 48 hours of the time you place your order. We have multiple warehouse locations, which allows us to offer 1-3 day shipping to most major cities in the USA. For pre-orders of our Drinjk Eezy 6-Packs, please note the approximate shipping date is Jan 15, 2021.

Yes. Immediately after checkout, you will be sent a confirmation email with your tracking number. During checkout, you can also opt to receive FedEx tracking text messages. We strongly recommend that you utilize the FedEx text message feature to be notified of your shipment’s progress.

Yes. Both the person placing the order and the person receiving the order must be 21+ years of age and be able to show identification upon delivery. We strongly suggest that you have the wine delivered to a place of business or to your nearest FedEx pick-up location to prevent the risk of multiple delivery attempts.

Our packaging has passed all the FedEx packaging tests. However, if your box does arrive damaged, please reach out to our customer support team at [contact_us_email].

No Worries. Life happens! FedEx will attempt to deliver your shipment two more times. If you miss the third attempt, FedEx will send your wine back to our Drinjk Wines warehouse in Calfornia and charge us $18.99 in shipping. If you would like your wine re-delivered after it has been returned to us, there will be a $25 shipping fee to offset the extra $38 in shipping that we incurred. To prevent this, we strongly recommend sending your wine to a place of business or your nearest FedEx pick-up location.

We understand that circumstances can arise that make it necessary for orders to be canceled or returned. Any purchase made at drinjk.com can be canceled within four hours of the time of purchase.

After this four-hour grace period, your order will be processed, assembled, and placed in our shipment queue and will not qualify to be exchanged or returned.

Please make sure you are confident in your purchasing decision before placing your order. If you would like further clarification, our wine concierges are very fast to respond via our live chat feature or email at hello@drinjk.com.