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What Are 'Wine Legs' and What Causes Them

por Alexa Valeska 2 min read

Welcome to 60 Second Somm where I try to teach you everything I know about wine in 60 seconds or less.

Today we are talking about “wine legs” if you are a wine drinker I am sure you have said this term or heard someone use this term.

So what are wine legs? Wine legs are the clear looking drips that hang out on the side of your wine glass after you have a drink of wine.

What do these little drips mean?

It’s a way to tell how much alcohol is in your wine. The slower the wine drips down the edge of your glass, the higher the alcohol.

But, there are two easier ways to find out how much alcohol is in your wine.

1. Take a drink of the wine and pay attention to if the wine burns the back of your throat. The higher the alcohol, the more of a burn you will get on the back of the throat.
2. The second method is my favorite and the most accurate way of determining how much alcohol is in a wine. Look on the back of the label 😊.
Wine legs are a great conversational piece and can be a lot of fun to look at.

Bottoms Up!

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Alexa Valeska
Alexa Valeska

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