Drinjk's Secret Santa Gift Box

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The perfect Christmas gift is hard to find!  Our Secret Santa Gift Box is the most unique wine gift on the market.  It comes with 3 of Drinjk's patented single-serve designer glass bottles.  Each wine has been hand-selected from 3 of the world's best wine regions.  You can’t buy this gift anywhere else in the world.  It’s so exclusive that not even Santa’s workshop makes it!   

Tour The Best Wine Regions In The World

The Secret Santa Box comes with a red wine made by a 3rd generation family-run French winery.  It also includes the famous Blue Chardonnay from Spain.  Yes!  The wine is actually blue.  The third wine is an exotic white wine made by one of Turkey’s oldest wineries.  This wine is not sold anywhere else in North America! 

*Ships Dec 1st to the following states CA, ID, FL, MN, NM, NV, OR, WA, AZ*

    Drinjk's Secret Santa Gift Box Comes With 3 Different Wines:

    • Red 1 Red Wines White 1 White Wine Blue 1 Blue Wine

    Secret Santa Gift Box Highlights:

      Your Secret Santa Gift Box Comes With Wines From 3 Different Countries:

      FranceFrance TurkeyTurkeySpainSpain


      Be a Secret Santa hero this year by giving the most unique wine gift on the market.  Shop our Secret Santa Gift Boxes now before they are all gone. 

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      *As per FedEx: Deliveries starting December 15th outside of CA will not be delivered by Christmas day due to the high volume of deliveries during the Holiday Season.

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