Kutman 2016 -187ml

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Turkey is one of the earliest wine-producing regions in the world dating back to before the civilizations of Greece and Rome.  We’ve added this wine to our collection for you to challenge your palate and experience indigenous grape varietals that are not sold anywhere else in the USA.

  • Zero Added Sugar
  • Comes With Notes, Pairings & Stories Behind The Wine
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  • 70% Narince 30% Emir

    Sweetness - Low
    Acidity – Medium-High
    Tannin - Low
    Body – Medium-High
    Alcohol – Medium-High

  • Did you know that Turkey is one of the largest grape growing regions in the world?  Only a small percentage is used for winemaking with the balance being grown for table grapes. 

    The history of religion and politics in Turkey is as fascinating as this unique blend of indigenous grape varietals.  Because of Turkey’s strict laws surrounding alcohol, it’s very special to get to taste wine from the region. 

    This wine was crafted two hours from Istanbul in what is considered to be Turkey’s oldest established winery.  

  • Hummus + Pita Chips, Falafel, Tabbouleh, Hot Air Balloon Rides and Intellectual Conversations. 

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