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Alpedrinha Gold 2013 -187ml

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The award-winning Alpedrinha Gold is a blend of Portugal’s three finest grape varietals.  The wine has been cellar aged for five years to extract the hidden characters of each grape.  The main grape varietal in the blend is Portugal’s version of the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal.  You can expect a unique wine with bold fruit flavors, hints of spice, and firm tannins.

  • Zero Added Sugar
  • Comes With Notes, Pairings & Stories Behind The Wine
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  • 33% Touriga Nacional 33% Tinta Roriz 33% Trincadeira

    Sweetness - Low
    Acidity – Medium
    Tannin – Medium
    Body – Medium-High
    Alcohol – Medium-High

  • Disney movies would have us believe that pirates preferred rum, but that isn’t entirely true.  The upper-class pirates (can that be a thing?) loved fortified wine.  Fortified wine (16-25% ALC) was chosen over dry wines (10-15% ALC) because it would keep better on the ships due to its higher alcohol content.

    Though, as the centuries have passed – the popularity of fortified wine has walked the plank, and the consumer trend leans towards dry wine.   As a result, Portuguese winemakers have shifted away from fortified wines and now are dedicating more of their crops to dry wines. 

    The wine in your glass is the same grape varietals that are used in the famous fortified wine called “Port” but was made into a dry style wine.  

  • Grass-Fed Sirloin, Goat Tagine, Carne de Porco, Wooden Mugs and Captain Hook. 

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