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The Biggest Mistake New Wine Drinkers Make And Why Its Not A Big Deal

by Alexa Valeska 1 min read

Welcome to 60 Second Somm where I try to teach you everything I know about wine in 60 seconds or less.

Today we are talking about the biggest misconception that new wine drinkers make, hey, but we have all made this mistake.

So what is this mistake?

It's knowing the difference between Dry and Sweet wines.

Have you ever heard anyone say “Ohh I don’t like sweet wines”?

Well actually, 99% of traditionally made wines are dry or also referred to as “bone dry.” This means that the wine has almost zero residual or added sugar.

Usually, only commercial wines have a lot of added sugar.
So if it isn’t the sugar that you don’t like, what is it?

It’s actually the fruit flavors of the wine. Some wines tend to be very fruit forward and can trick the palate into thinking they are sweet.

But in fact, they are not sweet; they are just fruity.

Next time you have a wine that you think is too sweet, ask yourself, is the wine actually sweet, or is it just too fruity for your liking.

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Alexa Valeska
Alexa Valeska

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